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just want to point out yet again that the majority of the people who keep propagating this Pleroma = Nazis lie are self-described authoritarian communists. draw your own conclusions.
@kaniini at this point i'm not concerned pleroma = nazi, if anything i think thats a smokescreen for my true fear: this is some sort of fucked up, immersive, viral marketing, social experiment thing for episode 14 of serial experiment lain
which explains the creepy "present day, present time hahaha" thing

My favourite moment in Baldurs Gate is when Imoen turns to the player character and says "What are we? Some sorta Baldurs Gate 2, Shadows of Amn?"

welcome back, fellow shitposters of ilovela dot in. I am waking the fuck up

lovely how trying to post this toot of firefox slowing down my computer made firefox crash

Yeah I program in rust
Uninyeresting language
Sticking to C

sad thing that is taken by some religious peeps.

it would have been perfect for a whisky enthusiast fediverse instance

brutaldon and its progressive design (looking slick on modern browsers, dropping down to basic functionality on test-based browsers) are how the web should have gone. but now we have this javascript-infested bloaty world out there and it's fuckin scary

Fallout 76 Support Team have a data breach exposing the banking details, addresses and personal information of anyone who filed a support.ticket about the special edition.


@tA @shitney @lunarised @seliph welcome to the lain-train, we are now leaving for the wire on platform 13

@tA @vala @seliph I’m being shown the ropes by @lunarised but I’m enjoying it more than I was expecting

@muppetbutler we had been dating for a while and this one date we kissed and afterwards she said she loved me, and the only thing I could think of to say in response was that her breathe smelled like fish. She looked visibly upset (understandably) so I tried to diffuse the situation by following that up with “its ok, I love fish” I honestly thought she was going to dump me then and there

Howdy Everyone

Do you want excessive shitposting?

Then follow @shitney

Its 4.20 now, so why not

Shitney want's an invite to

Boost so we can get free likes

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Layer 13 :: Ego

Layer 13 of the Protocol Seven System