@tA I wish this wasn't me

I need to use my KDE Neon partition more but I also play overwatch with my friend

vala is awake and ready to get a headache over the current state of the blog css project

If i could just find a nice slime girl to dom, that would be subslime


User: Gets fast laptop
User: Installs Windows
Windows: Installs million things
Windows: Runs them all on startup
Windows: would you like to play Candy Crush Saga

windows 10 voice

oopsy woopsy !! we made a fucky wucky x3~~~ your computer crashed lmao uwu :((((((

When I ask for the time and someone hands me a watch that's not in Swatch Beats

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@tA @seliph @fi @vala @Mouse_Ears @NotAnElfie @insaane
SF2 - Guile
SF4 - Cammy, Sakura, Guile
SF5 - Ken, Ken, Ken
MBAACC - Vermilion
Tekken - Xiaoyu

@tA surely no one installs Windows. People only have it because the computer comes with it and they know no better.

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