@tA I wish this wasn't me

I need to use my KDE Neon partition more but I also play overwatch with my friend

vala is awake and ready to get a headache over the current state of the blog css project

If i could just find a nice slime girl to dom, that would be subslime


User: Gets fast laptop
User: Installs Windows
Windows: Installs million things
Windows: Runs them all on startup
Windows: would you like to play Candy Crush Saga

windows 10 voice

oopsy woopsy !! we made a fucky wucky x3~~~ your computer crashed lmao uwu :((((((

When I ask for the time and someone hands me a watch that's not in Swatch Beats

@tA @seliph @fi @vala @Mouse_Ears @NotAnElfie @insaane
SF2 - Guile
SF4 - Cammy, Sakura, Guile
SF5 - Ken, Ken, Ken
MBAACC - Vermilion
Tekken - Xiaoyu

@tA surely no one installs Windows. People only have it because the computer comes with it and they know no better.

I wade into JB-HIFI, swinging my massive scrotum, a plethora of woodland creatures chirp at my side;

“I require a vacuum cleaner, tailored and personalised to my needs exactly”

A helpful JB-HIFI customer service representative chimes “I think I have the perfect thing”

User: Gets fast laptop
User: Installs Windows
User: Installs million things
User: Runs them all on startup
Computer: Runs slow

imagine if you sat down to shit and your spine started coming out you're ass

updated the art pages with new art! also fixed the layouts so that the art doesn't stretch and deform anymore.

> toot bad opinions
> break a fuckton of mutuals
> still keep getting followers by the bucketload

@vriska You either hit, or you live long enough to miss.

And I ain't lived long enough yet

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