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making a masto blanket fort. fave to add a blanket. boost to hop in and get cozy

@vriska You either hit, or you live long enough to miss.

And I ain't lived long enough yet

@seliph 😍 😭 πŸ’“ πŸ’— πŸ™ πŸ™ chur tu meke pal glad to have you here 😭

User: Gets fast laptop
User: Installs Windows
User: Installs million things
User: Runs them all on startup
Computer: Runs slow

tomorrow is going to be hell since I have two huge compsci projects due at the end of the week and I have no idea what I'm doing

good night, friendos

Y'all really need to find other terms for "abused people talking about having been abused" than "discourse" and "drama."

some people need to take a major break from online and like, get a hobby or something

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friendly reminder: the phrase "let's all love lain" does not in any way endorse pedophilia. it's a meme from the damn show and it has nothing to do with being lewd

@kaniini lolicon isn't a meme within Lain fans, anyone that watches and understands Lain agrees that it is forbidden for Lain to ever be lewded or thought in that way, it's a similar situation with Yotsuba πŸ€
it pains me to have to say this but people being fans of lain (the anime character) hasn't a damn bloody thing to do with lolicon. it's a meme from the damn show.

> toot bad opinions
> break a fuckton of mutuals
> still keep getting followers by the bucketload

Nouns seem obvious, simple and stable until you think about what would happen if your 'table' attacked you.

updated the art pages with new art! also fixed the layouts so that the art doesn't stretch and deform anymore.

mastodon feels so much more like a community than tumblr did and i rly appreciate that

Eugen's ploy to make "his" creation the face of decentralized social media chased people off who had 8een working on making GNU/Social functional for a decade.

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