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I'm moving back to @mirro !

See you guys there.

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Hi niggas, we are back. I finally was able to pay the bills kek.

my new year's resolutions:
commit suicide

I'm going to code a CLI program for mastodong
If you see me post tons of test posts I apologize

I don't have another instance to test this one

Revived my t410
Now I have something to pass the time until I get my x230

The screen is cracked too but it's still usable I guess
Man I'm bored without a pc

I still have my t410 but it's missing the keyboard
Maybe my x220's keyboard will work on it

I have tried so many things
I guess it's fucking dead... R. I. P X220.

Right before I start my new job as a developer.... Fuck me seriously, if I had the shekels I would buy a new one, and my parents don't seem to care.

I want to off myself

Well since I don't have a pc now I'll be leaving the fedi

Good bye niggas

Throwback to when I played the guitar for you Elena. I hope she got to listen to it even though she is no longer from this world.

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